A few years ago it was simple to create a website that was Google searchable.

The way we did it was by choosing the right domain that included key words, some simple basic HTML code, performed keywords research, created title tags that included a maximum amount of 70 characters, used Meta tags that included 150-160 characters and a relevant Meta description and finally write approximately 250 relevant content words and we were done.


Google would use their spider algorithm and after 1 to 6 months we would find our website in Google search.  Modifying the content would have pushed our website to the top.


Over time Google changed their algorithm and now they are looking for quality, authentic and unique content that created authority and usability.  This may have been good a few years ago, and it may even still help today, but unfortunately it will not bring your website to the top Google Search results.


Today we need a better strategy to promote our websites while we wait for Google to improve their search engine.

There are a few important and simple steps that will help your website become on top of Google’s search engine.

To begin, it is important to have an understanding of the mythology of search engine optimization (“SEO”).  We recommend using a company that offers SEO services, such as our company, BA Consulting.  Be careful in selecting a company that will promise you something they cannot fulfill.  In today’s environment on the internet, you will find thousands of companies offering SEO services.  What make us unique from all others?

Here are a few pointers that will help you rise to the top of search engines:

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