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Disaster Data Recovery Service

Disaster Data Recovery Service

One of the most frightening scenarios for any company is a total and complete loss of data. Valuable information regarding business transactions, bank statements, and other vital data needs to be protected. BA Consulting’s Disaster Data Recovery Services in GTA has designs built-in backup procedures for each network, and tests them to ensure your data is backed-up properly.

We also help you design a comprehensive Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity (DRBC) plan. Unlike simple computer crashes, the DRBC plans specifically for restoring data after a catastrophic event like fire, hurricane, flood, or tornado. The plan describes how the business will continue after the catastrophe, and the steps involved to fully restoring its operational capabilities.

The DRBC plan takes into consideration the length of time a company can afford to be down, and designs a recovery plan to match. For example, the most robust plan would allow for near instantaneous recall. This entails setting up a secondary data center complete with servers, networking capabilities, and tape and disk storage.

BA Consulting will completely review your current data backup systems and analyze your DRBC. We’ll also host a free presentation for you and your IT staff at your office covering the hardware and software requirements for a sound DRBC plan.

Once we have completed our review, we can install the necessary components and upgrade your system, so that data-loss never has to be a worry again.

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