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Are you looking to take a giant leap forward in communication? Is your current business IT support failing to make the grade?

For superior managed IT services in Toronto, you’ve arrived at the right destination. Our company specialises in planning and implementation of IT services. Here at BA Consulting, we customise technology solutions that are tailored for your individual needs from the development stage through to its delivery, providing extensive IT support throughout the process and beyond.

The ability for us to access your system remotely results in a much faster turnaround time for any IT support services you may require, as we are not needed to physically come out to you for the consultation. Our qualified representatives can perform site analyses to determine whether a Cloud migration would be advantageous for your particular business, and if so will help remedy any security concerns you may have.

The experience that we have acquired over the many years we have worked within the industry has enabled us to fine-tune our skill-set, and as such the managed services we provide are of the highest level.
Create secure and reliable Security Solutions to that your company and client data and personal details safe from abuse.

Hardware + software sales, support and recommend upgrades whenever new and appropriate technology becomes available.

Keep your on-site computer and IT systems running smoothly at all times.

SEO - seach engine optimazation, grow your business easily with our SEO services.

Set up your system and network right from the start so that you operate immediately with maximum efficiency.

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Why Us?

Client Testimonials

  • We were growing very quickly and we needed a company that will be sufficient for our needs. As a Moving company we looked for I.T experts and Microsoft Certified that would work hard and make necessary changes to keep our customers computers, network and internet   services running smoothly. We are very pleased with the decision to use BA Consulting as our Computer / I.T Support Partner.
  • BA Consulting has been our “go to” IT company for the last 7 years. Their professional, personalized service and level of expertise are unmatched. We always know we can call on them for expert advice and problem solving, no matter how big or small the issue. Ron and his team tackle every problem methodically until it is solved. We could not ask for better service.

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