I upgrade my computer from p4 to i5 64bit 8gb memory. I reinstall outlook 2007, I am not using exchange, I am using pop account(pst file), outlook stuck / hangs up on receiving emails, I am getting the first email but when it’s getting to 70-80% it’s hangs up.

I upgrade to outlook 2010, didn’t help, recreate a new pst file and import email, did not work, I asked the hosting company to delete and recreate the account and still it’s hangs up.

I found a few solution that I will try:
First solution
1. Remove pst file from outlook.
2. Create a new pst file and check if I will receive email.
2.1 if I receive email then attach the old pst, recreate all folders and copy / move emails back to the folder.
2.2 if it doesn’t work – closed outlook – right click and open in compatibility mode – choose win xp.

Second option:
A WORKAROUND (NOT a true fix) that at least makes email not hang but allows me to continue to use Outlook is to ENABLE (check) “read all standard email in plain text.” In Outlook 2007 its found under TOOLS – TRUST CENTER – EMAIL SECURITY. I apologize if this was already mentioned, but I ran thru the replies since my last post and didn’t notice it. Its NOT a fix, its a workaround since the problem still exists and you “lose” the beauty of HTML. I already had my emails to not automatically open pictures or attachments, so just disabling THOSE is NOT a help.

So to sum up until a complete fix is found you have at least a few options:
1. Switch to PLAIN TEXT as shown above.
2. Access your email through a web-based interface instead of using Outlook.
3. a. To still use HTML in other emails you’d need to uncheck the box above when desired. The good thing is you do not have to restart Outlook for the change to take place BUT if you happen to click on a “tainted” email before switching to plain text you’ll need to wait until it times out to make the change.
3. b. To view NON-paypal emails in HTML you can also RIGHT-CLICK the banner (not sure if that’s what its called – but the orange highlighted status info) in the preview pane and choose VIEW AS HTML for that email. Still not the most convenient way, but maybe a bit more convenient than switching back and forth.

4. Perhaps other email manage programs would react differently, but I don’t know – and don’t care to know, I’m an Outlook user not looking for a replacement. Paypal hasn’t always been the quickest when it comes to fixing issues with their service UNLESS it directly affects the transfer of monies – since this doesn’t I’m not holding my breath until they work out the kinks.

Hope this info helps. By the way, I did not find this myself, though I was stumbling in the area LOL – I actually got clued in from one of the post by k1ndone on the eBay-UK forum on this same topic: http://community.ebay.co.uk/topic/Seller-Central/Paypal-Emails-Freezing/18000421748

The second solution is from http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/outlook/thread/b81e27a3-cc0f-4fed-9692-1b8cc8ae2839