Computer and networks are complex devices which are inherently prone to breakdown. Be it a hardware or a hanging software, more often than not some or the other problem is around with these beautiful monsters. But that’s one part of the story. Getting a computer or a network repaired without much discomfort is another. And if you don’t have an onsite personnel to take care of your computer God help you.

Just remember all those times when you had to disassemble your whole computer, carry it all the way for repair, only to find the fault was in a single cable which you could have bought from the market. And then again the task of reassembly.

Sure, there are companies which offer on-site repair and up gradation services. But then the issue is that the good ones have really costly plans while the cheaper options have certain inherent issues. Either the guys aren’t well trained or fail to remember to bring one part and so on.

It was with this niche of the market in sight that BA consulting launched its onsite repair and troubleshooting programm in the Greater Toronto Area. With experts who are on road 24*7 for all your computer solutions and computer repair need in GTA, our people are fully trained for a holistic treatment of your computer and network problems.

Be it a virus issue, up gradation issue or hardware problems, our experts is fully trained to handle any problem, you might be having at your doorstop. Being local, we guarantee the fastest on site approach and resolution of your problem.

And all this at a fraction of the cost which other companies offer. Alongside our remote assistance plans (which detect problems even before they arise fully) we offer the cheapest on site computer repair and computer solutions in the Toronto and Ontario region.

Our Services include

  • Troubleshooting
  • Diagnose and resolve computer hardware and software issues.
  • Tune Up and Cleaning(Preventative Maintenance)
  • System Registry
  • System Restoration


  • Virus Detection & Spyware Removal
  • Desktop Computer Repair
  • Server Repair
  • Networking Repair
  • Broadband Internet Access
  • Remove obsolete files, clean up cached files/ cookies etc
  • Operating System updates upgrades.
  • Rollouts & Upgrades
  • Software and application Installation
  • Software Upgrades
  • Application Training.
  • Router/Firewall Install
  • Save $$$, Upgrade your current computer key components.Such as your hard disk, memory, DVD Burner etc…
  • Data Cabling


  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Data Backup
  • Data Recovery
  • Backup valuable data


  • Data Recovery Service
  • Anti-Virus & Security
  • Printer Service
  • Free Networks Assessment
Hardware, Custom Built PCs
  • Building PC’s to accommodate your needs.
  • Computer setup and optimum configurations


  • Hardwire LAN Setup
  • Wireless LAN Setup
  • ADSL Configuration, broadband internet and 3G internet


Our On-site Technical Support staff can provide: 

  • Application installation and training
  • Hardware troubleshooting and repair
  • Equipment installation and re-configuration
  • Data backup and transfer
  • Network Protocol Analysis
  • Asset Management

By necessary our consultants use the company Labs to fixed hard and complex problems.

BA Consulting can restore your systems quickly and with minimal loss of data.

By implementing a monthly maintenance schedule, our skilled technicians can help you find and fix potential problems before they occur. The result is minimal downtime and less risk of loss.


BA Consulting provides a complete range of computer and network services including: computer technical repair and support, onsite technical support, network and wireless support, broadband and internet support, remote assistance, spyware, malware and antivirus services, managed services, cloud computing, web designing, SEO, SEM services, data recovery, computer system recovery, complete IT relocation services like planning, site review, office relocation, Microsoft Exchange hosting, SharePoint hosting, web hosting, Blackberry server, ip, VoIP, signage and security services like remote video surveillance setup and monitoring, computer and application setup and upgrade. We also offer computer and network consultancy services for all your small, medium and enterprise class business needs.

BA Consulting is operational in municipalities like Halton, Peel, Durham, York and serve all the cities including Mississauga, Brampton, Ajax, Oakville, Milton, Oshawa, Vaughan, Markham, Richmond Hill, Orange Ville, Newmarket, Bolton, Etobicoke, city of Toronto, GTA, Ontario and beyond.