With so much of our lives dependent on digital devices, the amount of data generated and used by us has grown exponentially. Wether it’s our music, pictures, video’s or every day office and home work, digitization has grown immensely. With such growth and dependence, the appropriate storage and maintenance of data has also become extremely critical. The question that arises is what and where is our critical data?

To, illustrate further, just a few years ago, critical data was ‘seen’ to be either your hard disk or your server, if you were a medium to large enterprise. But with the boom in devices like Ipods, Iphones, smartphones, digital camera’s, not only is our data everywhere, but also equally critical in its importance. Our business data is as valuable as the vast m0ney one has spent on song purchases. Our photo’s are invaluable and our smartphone contact’s list is as valuable as personal relationships.

So, how do we treat this data? Sure, people take backups periodically and save data on multiple devices. This ensures that even if one device goes down, at least some restoration point can be relied upon. But, alas, this is far from true. Though the multiple digital devices have eased our lives, they have at the same time made us a little complacent and understandably  so. Lets admit, its just too difficult to back up everything on schedule all the time.

But what happens if your data storage crashes and you don’t have the required backup. For most people, that would mean an end to their memories and records. People wrongly assume that data, be it on their hard disk, phone, server or any other medium once lost is irrecoverable and lost. Also, vendors are more interested in selling replacement devices rather than indulge in the tedious but critical task of data recovery.

And, that is where data recovery experts step in. Some data is way too valuable or irreplaceable that one has no option but to get it restored. Also, unlike the popular misconception, data recovery is not an expensive task, so a tedious and time consuming one.

At BA Consulting we have been successfully offering data recovery services to corporations across Canada and are now happy to announce that we have also extended these services to small and medium business’s and computer users in Toronto and Greater Toronto Area. We specialize in restoring the most hard to get files, data, passwords, database and networks. Our expertise ranges from enterprise data recovery to individual phone or computer data recovery. Our services include-

We offer these services at the fraction of cost charged by some companies, knowing fully well how important your data means to you. We are operational in in Halton, Peel, Durham, York and serve all the cities including Mississauga, Brampton, Ajax, Oakville, Milton, Oshawa, Vaughn, Markham, Richmond Hill, Orange Ville, Newmarket, Bolton, Etobicoke, city of Toronto, GTA, Ontario and beyond.

So, next time you have any of the above issues with your data and its recovery just give us a call and see for yourself how we can help you out. Our 24 by 7 support for our Greater Toronto Area customers is backed by a team of data recovery experts and we also provide on site support.

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