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BA Consulting can create a cloud-based network for your organization that will increase productivity, decrease network downtime, and keep your data safer. So, feel free to contact us for any kind of Cloud Solutions Toronto or Computer Cloud Services GTA

In the past, companies were tied to a single server (or group of servers), either onsite or through a third-party company. If the server was down, well, so was your business. Cloud servers on the other hand offer more flexibility and reliability. Having your network in the “cloud” simply means that it automatically syncs to several web-based servers via the Internet, dramatically reducing downtime. Plus, your employees can log into your network from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection using a PC, tablet, smartphone, or any other Internet-enabled device.

Computer Cloud Services GTA

Cloud Services also make your IT more manageable and cost effective. By migrating from your own in-house servers to cloud servers, you:

Reduce costs associated with hosting own servers including maintenance and replacement costs Only use and pay for the server size you need, when you need it, so your network is fully scalable Enjoy less downtime because you’re not relying upon one server or bank of servers Have no need for planned downtime for upgrades and maintenance/repairs Provide easier network access for your staff working on the road or outside of the office Keep your data safer from disaster events like floods, power surges, and other threats to your servers Reduce the complexity of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity (DRBC) plans There is no software to download, no special hardware required, and no additional IT staff required – in fact, with cloud services based systems your current IT staff will have more time to focus on other tasks since server maintenance will be dramatically reduced.

What is “The Cloud”?

Imagine having your data accessible anywhere, safely and on demand. That’s the power of the Computer Cloud Services

In simple terms, “the Cloud” is a special kind of network that you can access from outside the office. Whereas in the past you had to physically (or more recently, wirelessly) connect your computer to your organization’s network onsite, now you can connect from anywhere in the world that has an Internet connection. Employees can automatically backup their smartphones to the company cloud servers, transfer files, access mail from anywhere, access company data and digital resources, and all the other things that they previously could do from the office network.

The Cloud also means your data and systems are safely duplicated on multiple web-based servers, decreasing downtime and automatically backing up data. If you’ve ever used Dropbox, the famous file sharing and web-based storage service, you’ll have a good idea of how this works. Any file you save in your Dropbox folder on your office computer automatically syncs to the server so you can access it later on your home computer, from a client’s office, and even your smartphone or tablet.

BA for Reliable Cloud Solutions Toronto GTA

BA Consulting has set up cloud services network systems for companies since business networking began. We understand what it takes to create a network, not just from a technical standpoint but from a people standpoint. Networks work best when you and your staff don’t even think about them – they are just a natural extension of your office desktop. That’s the peace of mind that BA Consulting provides.

Migrating your network or other data systems to a cloud-based solution is no different. We take care of all of the details to ensure a smooth transition including taking the appropriate measures to ensure your data is safe throughout the transfer process. In fact, your data is even safer in the end, since cloud servers by their very nature backup your data on other secure servers. We even back it up with 24/7 support, so if there is any issue regarding Computer Cloud Services, we’ll take care of it ourselves. BA Consulting can also create custom Computer Solutions Toronto for your organization, like a private Dropbox-like file sharing and storage system only your employees can access and a data management system that will carefully balance accessibility with security. BA Consulting will take your network to a whole new level with our Cloud Services in Toronto.

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  • We were growing very quickly and we needed a company that will be sufficient for our needs. As a Moving company we looked for I.T experts and Microsoft Certified that would work hard and make necessary changes to keep our customers computers, network and internet   services running smoothly. We are very pleased with the decision to use BA Consulting as our Computer / I.T Support Partner.
  • BA Consulting has been our “go to” IT company for the last 7 years. Their professional, personalized service and level of expertise are unmatched. We always know we can call on them for expert advice and problem solving, no matter how big or small the issue. Ron and his team tackle every problem methodically until it is solved. We could not ask for better service.

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