More then 600,000 Apple computers infected with a new virus.

The new virus called fflashback it is a trojan virus who collect persoanl information, users name passwords and send it to the “cloud”.

It posing as apopular adobe flash player, and its been exposed last september.

Lately the Trojan has been refined to pass Apple security, and use a gap in Apple security that installing the virus without user confermation requirement, and the new Trojan flashback installing by itself to the system.

Most of the computer that infected with the virus located in: Canada, USA and UK.


Mac is not virus proof !

Mac computer request approval to install software on the computer each time. and Mac computer using a secondary layer for most of the application that do not require approval.

Trojan flashback improved up to using java problem and not requier the end user approval.

So the damage is low compare to Microsoft PC / computer.

So how come that Apple computer are not exposed to viruses?


The answer is that Apple is only %10 of the computers market.